Subscription Terms

Subscription Terms:

Due to the overwhelming demand of COVID-19, and the fact many suppliers simply ‘run out’ of essential goods, we are offering a subscription pricing plan which has a minimum 3-month term with an obligation to purchase your selected items, delivered over your subscription time to you  This means you can enroll in a subscription which gives you and your family/business certainty of supply.  It allows our business to place orders and organize manufacturing for more people, predictably, at lower cost.   We aspire to use the same factories for all of our products, many of whom are known to us for more than a decade.  We will permit cancellation of subscription after the first month of service; thereafter there is an obligation

You will automatically be charged each month of your ongoing subscription.  At the end of your subscription, we will send you an email one-month before expiration which allows you to cancel your subscription.  You will automatically be renewed for a further term equal to the most recent subscription if you do not cancel within the cancellation period.

For your convenience and continuous subscription benefits as a member, if your payment method reaches its expiration date, we will send you a notification to update your payment method.  If you do not update your payment method, we will cancel your subscription without further notice.